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Eucharistic Miracles: Tangible Signs of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist

Share Philip Kosloski Feb 27, God continues to work miracles, even in the 21st century. Even though a large number of Eucharistic miracles date to the Middle Ages, many have occurred in the last century, with several being confirmed in the past 20 years. It is a teaching based on scripture and tradition and has remained unchanged in its essence since apostolic times.

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Get Aleteia delivered to your inbox. The immunohistochemical studies revealed that the tissue found corresponds to the muscle of the heart mentioned in Buenos Aires, the Myocardium.

All in all, the study proved beyond a doubt that the occurrence was not of natural origin and went further by linking this miracle to the others that happen around the world. Jude Thaddeus as they did every year. At am, the priest exposed the Most Holy Sacrament in the monstrance for public adoration. After a few moments they saw what appeared to be three dots in the Holy Eucharist.

Have You Heard of These Awesome Eucharistic Miracles?

They prayed to the host for a while and then it was placed secure in the tabernacle. The priest then went to the archbishop of the diocese to inform him of the change but when he returned to the parish and opened the tabernacle it had in fact developed further as now clearly in the Eucharist was not only the three red dots but a face crowned with a crown of thorns.

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It is suggested that the three red dots refer to the three wounds St. Thomas asked to see of Jesus before he would believe he rose from the dead, a thought compounded by the fact that this was the reading of the day.

Eucharistic Miracles

The Eucharist remains there to this day and is often adored by the faithful. What Happened: The priest had just divided the big host into four parts and consumed one of those pieces, as is normal in the Mass. When he placed the remaining pieces back on the paten the plate the host is kept on he noticed that one of the pieces now had a red spot and from it a red substance was coming out, similar to the manner in which blood escapes from a wound, the numerous pilgrims who were there immediately verified the blood did not come from the priest.

The host was analysed by commissions of the World Health Organization and it was confirmed that the blood of the priest did not match that of the Eucharist. The studies, like before, showed that the blood came from inside the host and matched that of other Eucharistic miracles, it again being AB positive and from a living heart.

New Eucharistic Miracle in Poland

It is possible to go and see the miraculous host all days of the year at any hour in the convent of the Augustianian Recollects Nuns of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Los Teques. What Happened: A consecrated host accidently fell to the ground during Mass and, when the priest noticed it, he believed it was dirty and so placed it in a vasculum a small container filled with water to dissolve it and get rid of a dirty host in the proper manner.

To further ensure no bias in the study, Professor Sulkowski was not informed that the sample which he was examining came from a host.